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SASE FRAMEWORK Information: 4th Batch Withdrawal and Survey

Monday, 27 February 2017
By: Skills CFA

The SFA has recommended the following list of Frameworks for withdrawal (4th Batch). Please note: The last date for new starts on these frameworks is proposed as 31 March 2018.

Code Apprenticeship Framework name Levels included
620 Business and Professional Administration Full framework (Level 4)
406 Court, Tribunal and Prosecution Operations Level 2 only
488 Customer Service Full framework (Level 2,3)
580 Hospitality Management Full framework (Level 4)
574 Human Resource Management Full framework (Level 5)
487 Management Full framework (Level 2,3,4,5)
573 Project Management Full framework (Level 4)
594 Recruitment Full framework (Level 2,3,4)
485 Sales and Telesales Level 3 only

The SFA are currently asking for feedback on the above. If your organisation would like any of these frameworks to be kept in place after the planned withdrawal, please complete the consultation survey, ensuring your response covers:

  • Expected demand for the Framework
  • Employers that require this and why another framework isn’t suitable
  • What skills gap the withdrawal of this framework will create
  • Any additional information to help create the case for keeping the framework including whether you feel there isn’t a suitable Trailblazer standard available to use

The final list of Batch 4 withdrawals will be announced in May 2017, allowing approximately 9 months' notice in advance of the final date of withdrawal. However, the framework withdrawal date could be deferred if there is clear and strong evidence to suggest that:

  • Standards due to be in place by April 2018 will not cover some occupations covered by the framework’s pathway
  • There are reasons why the replacement Standard(s) cannot be ready for learners from April 2018

All Frameworks proposed for withdrawal have replacement Standards to cover the relevant occupations (or will be ready by 1st April 2018). The consultation survey will be open for feedback from Wednesday 22 February to Wednesday 5 April 2017.

A full list of frameworks included in this current proposal is available on GOV.UK.

For further information, refer to the Removal of apprenticeship frameworks page on GOV.UK or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


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